Gutter and Soffit cleaning

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year and soffits scrubbed down at least once a year. When gutters clog, water can not get into the downpipes and the roof can be compromised by the water. The foundations of the house and its walls can eventually be weakened, when the water finds its way over or under the gutters; and down the side of the house.

The price of a gutter clean twice a year is incredibly cheap, compared to what it could cost to repair damage top your property.

Built-up mold on the soffits can damage them if they are made of wood, and look unkempt and unsightly if made of plastic or vinyl. We can clean gutters and soffits in South East and would hope to restore them to their original condition. If damage has gone too far we can carry out repairs to gutters, soffits and downpipes.

If you clean your own gutters and scrub down your own soffits, expect to spend a day or two on a ladder at great height, scooping debris from the gutters and brushing down the soffits with bleaches and, possibly, fungicides. Rent a pressure washer from a home supply store to blast the leaves out of the gutters or spray away dirt and mold from the soffit. Plan a safe method of getting the debris into bags and off the roof. Consider safety above all.

Or let GB Cleaning services do all the hard work, in half the time with no effort to yourself. Clean Gutters and shiny soffits, but most importantly;  peace of mind.