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I hoover daily - Why do i need carpet cleaning?

If you put a white towel by your front door, how long would it stay there before you had to wash it? I’m positive it would be no longer than a day. Yet we walk all over our carpets daily for years at a time. The fibres in your carpet act like filters, trapping dirt and pollution carried in from outside. When the fibres can no longer hold any more dirt you notice the carpet looks dirty. ( Have you ever moved a suite to see how the carpet looks two different shades? ) By this time dirt has built up and acted like sandpaper on the fibres, wearing it down and losing the ability to do its task of filtering/trapping dirt. Hoovering will only remove so much. To keep your carpet clean and to prolong its life you should have it washed at least every 18 months depending on the amount of traffic. I would recommend carpet cleaning on heavy traffic areas such as hallway carpets much sooner.

A properly maintained carpet promotes improved indoor air quality for your home. Not just for you but for young children crawling around on all fours and even household pets.

Our aim is to assist you in maintaining your carpets in order to keep them in good condition and as new. 

GB Cleaning services have been carrying out carpet cleaning in Kent since 1993. The carpet cleaning method we use is cold water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer.

We always spot test to make sure no colour runs

Rapid drying times 3-6 hours (depending on condition)

Spot and stain removal

Guarantee of no shrinkage

Scotchguard can be offered

Fully Insured

 We also clean most types of upholstery